Friday 30 May 2014


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Geoffrey Abbott, author of From Butcher's Boy to Beefeater has received fantastic coverage in some of the nation's most popular newspapers. These include The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Express, including many other local prints.

Receiving the title of 'Most British Man Ever' and 'Britain's Most Patriotic Man' from The Daily Mail and The Telegraph respectively, the Mail reads: "Incredibly, despite a highly eventful life, Mr Abbott has found the time to write 24 books - the latest of which is his autobiography - 'From Butcher's Boy to Beefeater'."

As well as this, Geoffrey will also be interviewed on ITV Border for an upcoming report on his life.

Providing an excellent chance for Geoffrey's retrospective and inspirational story to become more public, the book follows his journey from his early teenage years of working on the milk crate, and spending 35 years in RAF, to finally serving as a Yeoman Warder - or Beefeater - in the Tower of London itself.

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