Tuesday 15 August 2017

A SPIN-OFF SERIES: The Lucy Wilson Mysteries

Eleven-year-old Lucy doesn’t want to move from the big city. But when she arrives in her new home in south Wales, she’s surprised to see it’s not as dull as she thought. The sleepy village is being taken over by an unknown extraterrestrial force, and it’s down to Lucy to put a stop to it.

Our Lethbridge-Stewart range has a new edition: The Lucy Wilson Mysteries.  She might be the new girl, but don’t be fooled. She has a powerful ancestry from who she has adopted the skills similar to the Doctor. Her grandfather, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart has taught her all she needs to know.

We didn’t want you to feel the Brigadier was lost after Nicholas Courtenay’s death. So what better way to continue his legacy than through his family?

Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Avatars of Intelligence can be purchased from Candy Jar Books.

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