Tuesday 11 July 2017


Britain’s most loved children’s poet, Brian Moses, has returned with a novella bursting with adventure and mystery. After the success of his heart-warming memoir, Keeping Clear of Paradise Street, a reflection on his childhood in post-war Ramsgate, Moses couldn’t stop there with retelling the stories of his childhood.

Python tells the tale of a group of schoolboys hunting for the ghost that’s rumoured to haunt their school’s playground. Amidst the mystery of the ghost, there’s also the concern of the of a twelve-foot boa constrictor nesting in the attic of the protagonist. Whilst it very unlikely Brian’s father kept a python in his attic, he encapsulates the perfect setting of storytelling: “anything’s possible”.

Brian says: “Kids love that sense of a little danger. And if they must be shielded from such things, then literature’s precisely the place for them to give them that – that little thrill that it’s perhaps too dangerous to expose them to in real life,” and Python creates this exact effect. What better fun it is to imagine a snake in your attic rather than a real one there.

In his professional life, Brian advocates for children’s literacy by touring the country visiting schools, theatres and festivals to share his music and poetry with children. In return for his commitment, he has received appreciation from Cambridge University and the National Literacy Trust.

Brian Moses' Python can be purchased at Candy Jar Books: 

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