Friday 13 November 2015


To celebrate the release of Griff Rowland's new book The Search for Mister Lloyd, we are launching a new competition; #FindMyPigeon. The aim of the game is to figure out at which famous UK landmark Mister Lloyd the pigeon is hiding. Each week Mister Lloyd will be hiding in a different location, and clues giving more information will be released each day to help you figure out where he is.

To enter on Twitter, retweet & reply with your guess including the hashtag #FindMyPigeon, or Like, Share and Comment on Facebook to tell us where you think Mister Lloyd is hiding.*

If you guess right we'll enter you in to our prize draw to win a FREE copy of The Search For Mister Lloyd. 

**Remember: enter on Facebook and Twitter to be entered twice to draw!!**

Click here to get your copy of the book!

Happy searching!

Entrants must like and share on Facebook, or retweet on Twitter, to qualify for entry to the competition. 
One winner will be chosen at the close of the competition week, and will be contacted directly.
Entry closes 4pm Friday, and the competition will re-open with a new landmark the following Monday.

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