Friday 15 May 2015


Candy Jar author Anthony Ormond has been shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize. Judged by the public, the competition is open to all published authors.

Anthony is incredibly passionate about children’s literature, and with his book proving popular with young readers, Anthony is thrilled to be short-listed. He said: “It's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and I hope people vote for me again. It would be great for Tommy’s story to reach a wider audience.” 

In school, Anthony was described by his teachers as “often disruptive”, and was always told that his day-dreaming and class-clowning would never get him anywhere. As a result, much of his life so far has been devoted to proving those teachers wrong.

When asked which three words best described himself, Anthony replied “Never. Grown. Up.” which perhaps makes him the best suited to writing children’s books – he is still a child at heart!

Now, having studied Law, he is a qualified solicitor and specialises in Criminal Defence. From lawyer to children’s author seems like an odd jump to make, but Anthony often uses his job as inspiration. He said: “Not a single day is the same and the colourful characters that I meet give me inspiration for my stories!”
Despite the change in direction, Anthony took to writing like a duck to water. He continued: “The idea for the story came to me one day and then I just started writing and didn't stop until my pen ran out.”

Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You follows the story of a seemingly ordinary schoolboy, worried only about football and homework, until his grandfather reveals a massive secret that will change Tommy’s life forever – a pen that enables the user to time travel into their memories.

But Tommy soon learns that he has signed up for more than he expected, as there are others who will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Tommy and his friends must rise to the challenge and fight to keep the pen out of the hands of evil – life as we know it could be at stake if they don’t.

Roald Dahl is a major influence in Anthony’s writing, and he currently lives just a few miles away from the birthplace of arguably the most iconic children’s writer of all time. He is also a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, and dreams of Tommy Parker becoming such a household name – he hopes that one day children will argue over which is better; the ‘elder wand’, or Tommy’s ‘Pen of destiny’.

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