Monday 2 September 2013


Summer is drawing to a close, and now is the perfect time to get your autumn reading list ready for the cooler days and longer nights. Candy Jar Books have a wide and diverse range to keep all ages entertained and enthralled as the seasons change, whether you fancy fact or fiction, short stories or novels. Check out our selection of available titles, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our eagerly anticipated upcoming releases over the coming months.

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Beware of the Mirror Man Benjamin Burford-Jones

When 12 year old Sophie befriends the strange ‘mimics’ living in a TV set, she is horrified to discover a dark power lurking at the edge of the mirrors, threatening to destroy them. She embarks on the trail of an evil curse, but things takes an even darker turn when she discovers a note left for her… BEWARE THE MIRROR MAN!

The first book from Benjamin Burford-Jones, Beware of the Mirror Man is a captivating tale of curses, friends and formidable forces for children aged 9-12.

Silent MountainMichelle Briscombe

Jack Jupiter has an unremarkable life – except for his Gran. Following her prophecy of ‘the freeze’, Jack finds more than he could ever have imagined at the frozen lake. Jack needs all his courage and strength to face fantastical creatures and enemies, in order to reveal the secrets of Silent Mountain and discover the truth about his father.

Silent Mountain is the first novel in the series of Jack Jupiter books, written by first time novelist Michelle Briscombe, for children aged 9-12.

Men I Have KnownEileen Younghusband

Eileen Younghusband’s latest book is an autobiographical account of the friendships and rapport with men, both famous and unknown, that she has cultivated in her life, and the impact they have had on her. Including detailed and personal accounts of meeting men such as Rex Harrison, Dylan Thomas and John Barrowman, Men I Have Known recounts an enthralling 92 years of intrigue, adventure and tragedy.

Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who AssistantsAndy Frankham-Allen

Doctor Who has captivated fans with eleven incarnations of the iconic Doctor – but what about the people who helped shape him? Companions provides in-depth accounts of 50 years of assistants, documenting the trials and triumphs, and delving into the men and women who changed the Doctor throughout his adventures.

New Stars for OldMarc Read

From Aristotle to Newton, Marc Read charts the development of ideas about our solar system by blending together the historical fact of astronomy and its discoveries, with the charming fictional account of those involved. New Stars for Old gives a unique and informative perspective on some of the key ideas that have helped shape our world.

See you in SeptemberJoanne Teague (Sept, 2013)

When Joanne Teague was diagnosed with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, she took the decision to make the absolute best of her time left with her family, and embarked on a six month adventure around Europe. See you in September tells the uplifting, hilarious and moving story of the Teague family’s journey, as they negotiate Europe and each other.

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