Monday 22 July 2013


Jelly Bean Books is pleased to announce the release of its latest book, A Cracked Imagination, by Barry-based author Penny Richards.

By using her own life as inspiration, Penny has created an anthology of ten short stories, each focused on, or relating to, an act of evil. Through her dark and gripping style, the reader is given an uncomfortable, but ultimately rewarding, lesson of insanity, evil and desperation.

The book captures perfectly the complicated nature of the mind itself, and maintains that none of our lives are as black and white as we think.

Each story teaches a valuable lesson: Who are we? What is real? What is our natural breaking point? Nothing is held back as the reader is thrust into disturbing the world of Nancy Burbank, the middle-aged wife on the verge of mental breakdown or Isabella Rashid, the subject of one girl’s brutal search for revenge. Each person lives and breathes within the pages, as part of your thrilling read.

Penny’s own imagination is undeniably crackling with ideas. Her life in itself has inspired many of the book’s own characters, with examples such as her career experience in airport service, and her deep family bonds providing an emotionally resonant, and narratively compelling book to read. Each character behaves as an extension of the reader’s own lives, perfectly encapsulating our insecurities, fears and desires.

Now released in paperback, A Cracked Imagination is a Jelly Bean Book which will have you turning pages with a smile… and maybe a scream!

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