Thursday 15 March 2012


2012 saw the return of the highly successful Cardiff International Comic and Arts Expo. The expo began last year as a one day event. However, due to strong interest CICAE returned this year over an extended two day period. Famous faces included Colin Baker and Mike Ploog. The expo also featured both Candy Jar Ltd and Screaming Dreams.

The Candy Jar team had worked tirelessly prior to the expo in order to launch not one, but two books. We were extremely excited to present the most recent work from the mind of Terry Cooper with the unveiling of ‘Kangazang!: Star Stuff’, the follow-up to Terry’s recent hit, ‘Kangazang!: Remote Possibilities’. ‘Star Stuff’ follows Jeff Spooner on another crazy intergalactic adventure with more hi-jinks than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at.

In conjunction with the release of ‘Star Stuff’, we were proud to introduce new author, Benjamin Burford-Jones and his first novel, ‘Beware of the Mirror Man’, a terrifying tale of two young children being terrorised by the mysterious Mirror Man! And fluffy creatures called mimics.

Overall, the expo was very successful for both Candy Jar and Screaming Dreams and ‘Kangazang: Star Stuff’ and ‘Beware of the Mirror Man’ were well received. We all look forward to CICAE in 2013! (providing the Mayan’s were wrong and the world doesn’t end!)

by Jake Rudge

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