Wednesday 22 February 2012


We had a really nice review for The Diddy Tree by Michelle McKenna in the West Vale Catholics Parish Magazine. See below. Reviewed by Caitlin (aged 10), with help from Elan (aged 8)

I like the way the story is introduced at the beginning as a sort of mini blurb. It is written partly as rhyme which makes it easier to read and to remember. The pictures match the story perfectly.

It's about a boy called Lee who give up his dummies (diddies). At 3 years of age his mother makes a diddy tree for him to hang his dummies. Then he gets a lovely surprise the next morning.

At the end it shows you how to make a diddy tree. I think the diddy tree is an amazing idea. If I had one I think it would have made it easier for me to give up my dummy when I was little. I think this could help other children.

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