Thursday 10 November 2011


Eillen Younghusband, war veteran and author of 'One Woman's War', published by Candy Jar, was a guest of honour at the official opening of the Welsh Field of Remembrance at Cardiff Castle yesterday.

During the service, which was also attended by Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales, Eileen was invited to lay a cross in memory of those who have lost their lives whilst serving in the defence of our country in the armed forces.

90-year-old Eileen said: "I feel that remembrance services are vital for all ages. For the veterans it takes them back to probably the bravest time of their life, and helps them to remember the sacrifices of those they knew. For younger generations, it helps people to realise how the safety they enjoy was secured through sacrifices of their families. This allows us all to appreciate how important times of peace really are."

The service, along with an interview with Eileen, was featured on ITV Wales Tonight, and is available to view at

After the service Eileen gave a talk about her wartime experiences, which was held at the Firing Line exhibit and was a great success, with seats running out and the event becoming standing room only.

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