Monday 12 September 2011


The current economic climate means that we all have to be a bit smarter with our money, and to help you Candy Jar Films is pleased to announce a special offer on promotional videos. The new Pick 'n' Mix service allows you to choose which features you want in your video, in order to keep down the cost whilst delivering exactly what you need.

The packages we offer are:
Package 1 - Three features from the list below - £475
Package 2 - Five features from the list below - £975
Package 3 - Seven features from the list below - £1,475
Package 4 - All features from the list - £1,975
The features available are:
1. Standard titles and contact details.
2. Interview with yourself conducted at your business premises.
3. Shots (both still and moving) of your product / service / business premises.
4. Voice Over describing your product / service / business.
5. ‘Green Screen’ interview enabling us to use any background of your choice.
6. Background music.
7. Your logo at the beginning and end of video.
8. Simple animated graphics to enhance your video.
9. ‘Voxpop’ interviews with customers.
10. Establishing shots of your area, town, or city
11. Additional interview with a member of staff or customer.
12. Rolling titles explaining your product / service / business premises.

We can also offer some extra options if you really want to make your video stand out, such as:
- Animation
- Celebrity / High quality impersonator voice-over
- Actor / Presenter to help promote your business
- Motion graphics (including animated logos/branding)
- Special FX
- Drama-based scenarios
Please be aware that prices for these will vary according to specific requirements.

To find out more, please call 029 2115 7202, Contact Us or visit us at

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