Monday 10 December 2012


With the Welsh economy struggling and youth unemployment rising, investment in young people has never been more important. In April 2012 the Job Growth Wales programme successfully launched, throwing a lifeline to young unemployed 16-24 year-olds.
Catering for young people that are job ready but have had difficulty securing employment, the Jobs Growth Wales programme a job opportunity for a six month period paid at national minimum wage.
Cardiff-based video production company and publisher, Candy Jar, is delighted to be part of the Jobs Growth Wales Scheme. Company director, Shaun Russell, said: “As a small business with big plans we knew that employing additional staff would be essential, but doing so required taking a huge risk. Jobs Growth Wales has enabled us to take this important step without the financial worries. The company has moved forward in leaps and bounds since we hired the new team, achieving far more than we could have envisaged six months ago.”
The Jobs Growth Wales scheme focuses on occupations as diverse as manufacturing, sales negotiation, nursery assistants, care assistants, hairdressers, marketing and publishing. To date, 300 vacancies have either been filled or are awaiting interviews by unemployed young people.
Adrian Hitt, Business Development Manager for Educ8 has expressed how beneficial the programme has been throughout Wales. He said: “The success of the programme is based on the invaluable opportunities it provides, firstly for the young recruit who not only gains relevant work experience but it also positively enhances their employability and life skills ensuring their prospects for gaining sustainable employment are fully maximised. The programme also provides an opportunity for the employer as the extra resource it provides will enable them to expand and grow at a quicker rate.”
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