Wednesday 16 September 2015

75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, St Paul’s Cathedral

Candy Jar author and treasured WAAF veteran Eileen Younghusband was one of the many dedicated attendees to visited St Paul’s Cathedral to pay their respects yesterday at the ceremony to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Eileen stood proudly alongside current RAF personnel and with former RAF veterans, as well as fellow RAF veteran William Clark.

Credit: Libby Wiener/ITV News

Credit: Libby Wiener/ITV News

The Battle of Britain stands as one of the most iconic events in Eileen’s long and fascinating life. Widely commended as honest and authoritative voice in stories told of the Second World War, Eileen joined the forces at the young age of eighteen and played a crucial role in the fight against Hitler as the first to detect the V2 bombs as they approached London in. Her two books published by Candy Jar, Men I Have Known and One Woman’s War tell her story, from anecdotes of her meetings with prominent historical figures to her time in the radar rooms of WW2.

Eileen, as a prevalent literary figure as well as a promoter of adult education, also recently attended the esteemed literary event The Hay Festival, where she spoke at length to The Telegraph’s Martin Chilton and his audience about her books and the fascinating events in her life which inspired them. Both books can be purchased from via Amazon and the Candy Jar website


Candy Jar is extremely proud of Eileen, who proves time and time again to be a figure worthy of respect and admiration!

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